Beata Szechy


2010 Gallery IX
2009 Jokai Club
2008 Ferencvarosi Gallery
2007 Obuda Gallery
2005 Ernst Museum
2001 Ludwig Museum
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1999 MLA, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 

1980 Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary 

1972 Tancsics M. College, Budapest, Hungary

1964 Art & Craft High School, Budapest, Hungary



2012 National Cultural Foundation (NKA)

2011 National Cultural Foundation (NKA) 
2010     National Cultural Foundation (NKA) 
2009     National Cultural Foundation
2008     Hungarian Ministry of Culture, H
2007     Embassy of the United States of America, Budapest
2005     Hungarian Ministry of Culture, H
             Tarrant County College, TX
             Embassy of the United States of America, Budapest
2004     Embassy of the United States of America, Budapest
2003     Hungarian Ministry of Culture, H
1998     Hungarian National Foundation, H
1997     Soros Foundation, NY
1995     Hungarian National Foundation, H
1990     Ann Flanagan Fellowship, Berkeley, CA
             Prix d'Achat, Slovenija Mini Print Biennial, Slovenija
             Third Prize, Peacemaking in Action, Santa Ana, CA
             Award of Merit, California Works, Sacramento, CA
             Merit Award, 71th National Exhibition, Springfield, MA
             Certificate of Achievement, Mendocino Art Center, CA
1989     Art Award, 70th National Exhibition, Springfield, MA
             Award of Merit, California Works, Sacramento, CA
             Honor Award, San Rafael, CA
1988     Merit Award, San Rafael, CA
1986     Hungarian Ministry of Culture, Academy of Hungary, Italy
             Artists' meeting, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Turkmenistan
             Studio Award, Budapest, H
1985     Artists' Residency, Szczecin, Poland
             First Prize, International Young Artist Congress, Budapest, H
1983     Studio Award, Budapest, H
1982     First Prize, Studio Exhibit, H
             Budapest First Prize, Metamorphosis Competition, H



2000 Adjunct Instructor, Tarrant County College, Arlington, TX

1999 Certified in Conflict Resolution, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

1996 Art Teacher, DISD, Columbia Art Center, Dallas, TX

1994 Guest Curator, 5501 Columbia Art Center, Dallas, TX

1994 President of the Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc., Dallas, TX

1993 Guest Curator, Center of the Visual Arts, Oakland, CA

1992 Curator at The Fire Art Project, Berkeley, CA

1990 Founding Member of Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc., Berkeley, CA

1990 Workshop Instructor & Curator of Kala Institute, Berkeley, CA

1982 Vice President of Hungarian Youth Studio, Budapest, H



2010       "60", Galeria IX, Budapest, H

2009       "Everybody has a Dream", Jokai Klub, Budapest, H

2008       "Costume Textile Project", Ferencvarosi Gallery, Budapest, H

       "Letezes/Existence-1", Jokai klub, Budapest, H

2007       "self-portrait/on-arc-kep", Obudai Tarsaskor Gallery, Budapest, H

2005       "Circle/Kor", Ernst Museum, Budapest, H

2002       "Floppy-Flowers", Museum of Contemporary Art/Ludwig Museum, H

1999  "Floppy-Flowers", Contemporary Art Center (with Ken Little), Fort Worth

1998  "The Last Supper", Budapest Gallery, Budapest, H

1997       "The Last Supper", Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

1996        Book exhibition, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Bucharest, Romania

       "Borderless Garden", 5501 Columbia Art Center, TX

1995        Artist Talk, DARE at the MAC, Dallas, TX

1994       "Outside-Inside", Dorottya Gallery, Budapest, H

1992       "Tangram", Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA

1991  Courtyard Gallery, Alameda, CA

1990  Gallery Reiffenstein, Vienna, Austria

        Barnes & Conti Associates, Berkeley, CA

1989       "Food", Artspots Exhibit, Concord, CA

1988   Ariel Gallery, Albany, CA

1987       "Budapest-Rome-San Francisco", San Francisco, CA

1986       "Family", The French Institute, Budapest, H

       "Rome", City Museum, Balassagyarmat, H

1985       "Memories", Boglar-Lelle, Kek-Kapolna, H

1984  City Library, Mako, H

        Ciffra Palace, Kecskemet, H

1983  Obuda Gallery, Budapest, H

        Youth Center, Szeged, H

1982  Studio Gallery, Budapest, H



2012 "BookArt", Hungarian Cultural Institute, Helsinki, Finland  


EASL Art Heist 2012, Ft. Worth, TX

*neigh neigh* at the Trailer Gallery, H

"BookArt" - Reök Palota, Szeged, H

"Graph-ICONS" Léna & Roselli Galéria, Budapest, H

   "9X12-Library Thoughts-AIR/HMC, Budapest", Magyar Iroszovetseg, H

2011  "BOOK PROJECT INTERNATIONAL-Atelier Vis-á-Vis, Marseille, FRANCE 

"Library Thoughts", Raday Konyveshaz & Gallery, Budapest, H

"szakralis uzenetek", Gallery Lenia, Budapest, H

  " Hidden Treasures / Rejtett kincsek", Lena & Roselli Gallery, Budapest, H 

2010 "Seven Centuries Paper Secret", National Library, Budapest, H

          Easl Art Heist 2010, Dallas, TX

 "Tactics of Photo Usage in the Symposium of Mako", HattyuHaz Gallery, Pecs,

   "Parhuzamok / Parallelism", Lena & Roselli Gallery, Budapest, H

2009 "Emlekmu", Tolvaly Erno (Pecsi Tudomanyegyetem Muveszeti Kara), Pecs, H

   "100years100names/100 ev100nev", Galeria Lenia, Budapest, H

   "Photo useage in the Symposium of Mako",Muvesztelepi Gallery, Szentendre

2008 "AIR-Six Degrees", Rosenberg Library, CCSF - San Francisco, CA

         "Advent", Vorosmarty ter, Budapest, H (Donated Costume Textile)

2007 "Then & Now/Akkor es Most", Millenaris Park, Budapest, H

2005  Tarrant County College SE., Faculty exhibition, Arlington, TX

2004  "Finding Time", Tarrant County College SE., Faculty exhibition,  Arlington TX

2003  X. International Book Fest, Kongresszusi Kozpont, Budapest, H

    Paper Triannual Tarrant County College SE., Faculty exhibit, Arlington TX

2002  "Time of the Paper", II. Paper Triannual, Kaposvar, Hungary

 "Works on Paper", Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas, TX (4 artists show)

 "Fifteen", Tarrant County College SE., Faculty exhibition, Arlington, TX

 "Home Sweet Home", Arlington Museum of Art, Art Auction, Arlington, TX

  Easl, Auction, Dallas, TX

2001 "Women's Art in Hungary 1960-2000" (A masodik nem), Ernst Museum, 

 "W", MAC Members' Invitational, MAC, Dallas, TX

 "Knack", Tarrant County College SE., Faculty exhibition, Arlington, TX

 "Skyskysky", Arlington Museum of Art, Art Auction, Arlington, TX

 "Book-Art", Rippl - Ronai Museum, Kaposvar, H (curator: Dr. Melinda Geger)

2000 "The second race", Women Artists, Ernst Museum, Budapest, H

 "Hello Walls": Spiritual Relationship, Tarrant County College, Arlington, TX

 "Blue Skies: The Skies the Limit", Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX

 "Black & Blue", MAC, Dallas, TX  

         Women Artists, Hungarian Embassy, Washington DC

  Women Artists, Ernst Musem, Budapest, H

  500X Gallery, Dallas, TX

 "Pink Poppy Watercolor", DeSoto, TX

 "Postcards From All Over", IAA Center for the Arts, Irving, TX

1999  Off the Page, Fifth annual membership exhibition. MAC, Dallas, TX

 Horse show, with Beata Veszely, Tatersar, Budapest, H

 "Past-Present-Future", Contemporary Art Museum, Szekesfehervar, H

1998 "Image & Text", SFA Gallery, Stephen F. Austin University, TX

  Expo'98, 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX Erdesz Gallery, Szentendre, H

  Cultural Center, District 12, Budapest, H

  XII. District Fine Art Exhibition, MOM, Budapest

1997  The Book as Art", Oklahoma City, City Arts Center, OK

  52nd Annual Competition, Museum of Abilene, Abilene, TX

 "Livres-Objects' Biannual, Paris, France

 "The Fourth Dimension", The MAC, Dallas, TX

 "The Book as Art", Branningan Cultural Center, Las Cruces, NM

 Internationale Des Livres-Objects, Xantus Janos Museum, Gyor, H

 "Hungarian Salon '97", Mucsarnok, Budapest, H

 "Memoir of Peter Gemes, Water-line", Dovin Gallery, Budapest, H

 "Time of the Book", Pecsi Gallery, Pecs, H

1996 "Paper Words, Artist' Books", Craftsmen Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL

 "Good-By", Honor to Marcel Duchamp, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, H

 "The Book Reconfigurated", Texas A&M, TX

 "The Book Reconfigurated", Corpus Christi State University TX

 "The Book Reconfigurated", Texas Women's University, Denton , TX

  Women and Their Work Gallery, Austin, TX

  Works on Paper, Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

  International Book Art Exhibition, Vigado Gallery, Budapest, H

 "Libretto", Book Art in the Budapest Opera Gallery, H

  Fine Art Museum, Book Art, Budapest, H

  XVIII. Graphics Biennial, Miskolc, H

  Book Art, Prague, Czech Republic

1995 "Livres A Mediter", Gallery Pont-Neuf, Paris, France

 "The Book Reconfigurated", The Center for Women & Their Work, Austin, TX

  Fine Art Museum, Budapest, H

  Expo'95, 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX

  Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

  Erdesz Gallery, Szentendre, H

 "Circle, Fire, Space" Csontvary Gallery, Budapest, H

  Miskolci Gallery, Miskolc, H

  Academy of Fine Arts, Barcsay Gallery, Budapest, H

 "Book and Music", MuseumMusi of c History, Budapest, H

1994  Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

  ARTexas'94, Dallas, TX

  Szegedi Keptar, Szeged, H

 "Small graphics", Ujpesti Gallery, Budapest, H

 "Changed Dimensions", Csok Istvan Gallery, Budapest, H

  Mako Art Group Exhibition, Pecs, H

1993 "Borderless", Kala Institute, Berkeley, CA

  Slovenian Mini Print Biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, NY

  International Print Biennial, Maastricht, Netherlands

  1st. Egyptian International Print Triennial, Egypt

  Graphics Biennial, Miskolc, H

  Exhibit of Mako Art Studio, H

 "Italy", The Italian Culture Institute, Budapest, H

  LA Thompson Gallery, Dallas, TX

  City Hall, San Francisco, CA

  Giorgi Gallery, Berkeley, CA

  Center of the Visual Arts, Oakland, CA

1992 "One Square Foot", Gensler & Associates,Inc., Santa Monica, CA

  Pyramid Atlantic, Riverdale, MD

  Kala Institute Gallery, Berkeley, CA

  The Foreigner - BeautiFUL, Budapest, H

  The Fire Art Project, Oakland-Berkeley, CA

 "Prints Plus", Palo Alto, CA

  Open Studio, Berkeley, CA

  Giorgi Gallery, Berkeley, CA

1991  Kala Fellowship Exhibition, Berkeley, CA

  Bayfront Gallery, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

 "The Artist's Book", Artisans, Mill Valley, CA

  Gallery Reiffeinstein, Vienna, Austria

 "California Works", Sacramento, CA

  Graphic Biennial, Miskolc, H

 "New World Order", Bison Gallery, Berkeley, CA

 "Printmaker's Show", Village Theatre Gallery, Danville, CA

 "Wild Show", Napa Art Center, Napa, CA

  Courtyard Gallery, Alameda, CA

 "Kala Group Show", Berkeley Store Gallery, Berkeley, CA

  Giorgi Gallery, Berkeley, CA

1990  Courtyard Gallery, Alameda, CA

 "Pen and Ink", Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

  71th National Exhibition, G.W.V. S. Museum, Springfield, MA

  Peacemaking in Action, R. S. College Art Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

  Open Studio, ProArts, Oakland, CA 

  45rd Annual Marin County Exhibition, San Rafael, CA

1989  Triangle Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  California Works 1989, California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, CA

 "San Francisco 100!", Alligator Gallery, San Francisco, CA

 "Matrix '89", Matrix Gallery, Sacramento, CA

 "Jazz/Art" Kimball's East, Emeryville, CA

 "Line and Form", Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  3rd National Exhibition, Clary-Miner Gallery, Buffalo, NY

  70th National Exhibition, G.W. V. S. Museum, Springfield, MA

  BACA, Berkeley, CA

  California Works 1989, Sacramento, CA

1988  International Mini Print Exhibition, Johnson City, NY

 "War of the Worlds", Princeton, NJ

 "Paperworks", Oakland, CA

 "Last Picture Show", Walnut Creek, CA

  43rd Annual Marin County Exhibition, San Rafael, CA

  Annual International Competition, Philadelphia, PA

1987  Breckenridge Gallery, San Francisco, CA

  Natsoulas Novalozo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

  Natsoulas Novalozo Gallery, Davis, CA

  Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA

1986  Ninth British International Print Biennial, UK

  International Impact Art Festival, Kyoto, Japan

  National Fine Art Museum, Budapest, H

  Young Artist Studio, Budapest, H

  International Experimental Art, Budapest, H

1985 "Contemporary Hungarian Artists", Gallery Route 1, Point Reyes, CA

  Memorial Union Gallery, Davis, CA

  Szczecin Museum, Poland 

  Graphic Biennial, Miskolc, H

  International Experimental Art, Petofi Csarnok, Budapest, H

  National Gallery, Budapest, H

  Art Studio, Sopron, H

  Bartok 32. Gallery, Budapest, H

1984  Graphic Biennial, Oslo, Norway

  Intergraphic '84, Berlin, Germany

 "The Achievements of Art Symposia", Mucsarnok, Budapest, H

  Bulgarian International Painting Biennial, Bulgaria

  16th International Graphic Biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  Museum of Military History, Budapest, H

  Graphic Studio of Mako, Mako, H

  Studio '84, BNV, Budapest, H

  International Mail Art, Budapest, H

  Hotel Gellert, Budapest, H

  Sport Competition, Budapest, H

  7th National Exhibition, Debrecen, H

1983  Small Sculpture Biennial, Pecs, H

  Graphic Biennial, Miskolc, H

  Studio '83, Ernst Museum, Budapest, H

  Graphic Studio of Mako, Mako, H

 "Contemporary Graphic and Drawing" National Gallery, Budapest 

1982  Graphic Biennial, Miskolc, H

  1st Drawing Biennial, Salgotarjan, H

  15th International Graphic Biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre, H

  Studio '82, Mucsarnok, Budapest, H

  FMK, Budapest, H

1981  Studio '81, Budapest, H

         "Beginning of the Road", Bartok 32. Gallery, Budapest, H



Ludwig Museum, Budapest, H

Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, H

Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA

Contemporay Arts, Dallas, TX

Documentary Arts, Dallas, TX

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, H

International Impact Art Festival, Kyoto, Japan

Istvan Kiraly Museum, Szekesfehervar, H

Minisry of Culture, Budapest, H

Slovenia Graphic Biennial, Slovenia

Ljubljana Graphic Biennial, Slovenia

British Graphic Biennial, UK

Egyptian Graphic Museum, Kairo, Egypt

Miskolc Graphic Biennial, H

Young Artist Studio, Budapest, H

Museum of Modern Art, Pecs, H

Museum of Szczecin, Poland

American Red Cross, San Francisco, CA;  Dr. Georg Kahlig, Vienna, Austria; 

Jeff & Dara Tillotson, Dallas, TX;  Kitty Doolin, Dallas, TX; 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baum, NY;  Ned Patrick; 

In private collections in the USA, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Austria,

Germany and England, Toreador Magyarorszag Olaj- es G\azkutato, Termelo Kft.



2010 (Feledy Balázs)

         Hungarian Paper and Watermark History Association, Kultú

 History Portal - Past-area (Mult-kor), Watermark  and Secret of the Paper, April, MTI

 700 years Hungarian Paper History, MAGYAR GRAFIKA

 700 years secrets of paper, MTI 2010

 700 years secrets of paper,

2008 Costume Textil Project:;;; 
;;; - R\'87di\'97m\uc0\u369 sor;

 Metro, 05/05/08

2007 Central Europe Trough the Eye of International Artists - book - 200 pages\'87lis fot\'97(2007. december) 2007.12/01.

2005 "Circle/Kor", published by Ernst Museum, - book- retrospective exhibition

 Exit Magazin (06/06-13. 70. oldal)

 Art-Press (2005. 07/02. E.M.);;; 
 (07/18/05 -- Raspa); (07/22/05 -- lcs); (77. -- 07/1/05);; 
; content&task=view&id=57&Itemid=54; 
;     (07/22/05);; (07/22/05); 

;;; (06/22/05) 

2004 Art-book Exhibit, Magyar Nemzet (03/31, P.Szabo) 

 Kulfoldi alkotok, hazai inspiraciok,Muerto, julius-augusztus 2004 (Sinko Istvan) 

 Muveszek Amerikabol, Europabol, Pesti Est, 2004. 07/8-24. (cssi)  \

 Kulturak talakozasa Balatonfureden, Balatonfuredi Naplo, 08/26. (Hamori Katalin) 

 Art-book Exhibit form metal and wood, Nepszabadsag (04/02, Csider I. Zoltan) 

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 Reviews on the exhibition at the Vigado Gallery, Budapest, H

1995 Konyvek Atal...vissza, UjMuveszet, (Sinko Istvan, April)

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 Lombrass in the Library, Dorottya Gallery (11/17., Andrasi Gabor)

 Pestmegyei Hirlap (11/19)

 Bukaresti Magyar Szo (01/18., Szabo Emoke)

 Hungarian Culture Institute (01/17., Vida Gyorgy)

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